Andrew Smenos


Solo Exhibitions


-Freight and Volume Gallery. New York, NY. "Do Something Else To It."


Selected Group Exhibitions


-Established Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. “Rendering Likeness.”

-Spring Break Art Fair, New York, NY. “You’re Invited.”


-La Bodega Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. “Small/MIGHTY.”


-Pence Gallery. Davis, CA. "Small Works Show."

-ILevel Gallery. New York, NY. "Finding Center."


-Arts and Leisure Gallery. New York, NY. "Your Bad Self."


-Freight and Volume. Miami, FL. "Miami Project Fair."

-Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. New York. NY. "Make it Big, Make it Red."

 -The End is Near Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. "Dimebag 4 Show." Curated by Jordin Isip.

 -Gallery Centotto. Brooklyn, NY. "Legend Anew."

 -Gowanus Art Loft. Brooklyn, NY. "Current." Curated by Benjamin Sutton.

 -White Box Art Center. New York, NY. "Brooklyn Academy of Music 10th annual Art Auction."

 -Novella Gallery. New York, NY. "Benefit Show."


 - Freight and Volume. Miami, FL. "Miami Project Fair."

 - Maxwell Alexander Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Grey Matter."


 - Freight and Volume. Miami, FL. "Pulse Art Fair."

 - Freight and Volume. New York, NY. "The Double Dirty Dozen."

 - LittleField. Brooklyn, NY. "One Hundred Dollars."

 - Nancy Margolis Gallery. New York, NY. "Permanent Collection."

 - TNC Gallery. New York, NY. "Up From The Deep."

 - Gallery Centotto. Brooklyn, NY. "Theriomorphous Entourage."

 - Recess Gallery. New York, NY. "Canvas to Canvas."

 - Present Company Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. "Synaesthesia."

 - RH Gallery. New York, NY. "The Love Show."


- One Mile Gallery. Kingston, NY. "Sanctuary."

- Gowanus Ballroom. Brooklyn, NY. "Architecture of Devotion."

 - Sloan Fine Art. New York, NY. "Single Fare 2"


- NYAA. New York, NY. "Deck the Walls."

- RH Gallery. New York, NY. “Fools Gold Farm.”